Which celebrities have made appearances in South Park, and what roles did they play?

George Clooney voiced Sparky, Stan's dog, in the episode "Coon 2: Hindsight" (2010).

Neil deGrasse Tyson appeared as himself in the episode "The Cosmos" (2014), explaining the mysteries of the universe to the kids.

Tom Cruise was famously trapped in a closet in the episode "Trapped in the Closet" (2005) due to his alleged beliefs in Scientology.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made a cameo appearance in the episode "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" (2004) with J.Lo's face on a giant butt balloon.

Kanye West appeared as a therapist and voiced himself in the episode "Fishsticks" (2009), where he was the butt of a "douchebag" joke.

Barbra Streisand parodied herself in the episode "A Million Little Fibers" (2006), but was angered by the way she was portrayed and threatened to sue the show.

Alec Baldwin made a brief appearance in the episode "The Snuke" (2007) as a terrorist plotting to blow up the town of South Park.

Lizzo was parodied in the episode "Help, I'm Stuck in a Tween Dream!" (2023) as a pop star who is obsessed with her own image.

Meghan Markle was portrayed as a selfish and manipulative socialite in the episode "Princess Twilight Sparkle" (2019).

Elon Musk voiced himself in the episode "Put It Down" (2018) as a tech genius who helps the kids battle against a race of evil robots.

Russell Crowe made a cameo appearance in the episode "The ManBearPig Movie" (2022) as a parody of himself celebrating the 15th anniversary of his hit movie "Gladiator".

Bill Gates was famously portrayed as a robot in the episode "Bill Gates' Great Escape" (2013) as a wacky invention designed by Cartman.